Using a system of different inspection methods and analysis for pre-operational and regular operational inspection of the wind generator elements ensures the earliest possible detection of any departure from the norm and occurrence defect. This allows avoiding potential damage and shortening the idle time of the wind power turbine.

Gridinta provides specialists to perform work of any complexity, on both onshore and offshore wind parks using suspended platforms as well as rope access method. All technicians have permissions and International certificates for rope access work in European countries and beyond.


  • Complete inspection and repair of the rotor blade including vortex replacement, aerodynamics exchange, rework, repair and exchange of blade equipotential bonding rails, LE TE cracks as well as LEP tape repair and exchange
  • Inspection and repair of the wind turbine tower
  • Inspection of root flange laminate cracks
  • Rotor blade Lightning Protection System inspection, LPS continuity inspection, the 4-wire resistance measurement of the LPS
  • Wind turbine gearbox inspection. Documenting of all visible bearings as well as the parts of the gearbox by borescope
  • Tower and rotor blade bolt exchange
  • Replacement and installation of electric cables
  • NDT inspection, including rotor hub main bearing UT, PA UT inspection, dye penetrant testing (PT), ultrasonic testing and thermographic inspection


Photovoltaic panels produce sustainable, renewable energy that decreases the owner’s carbon footprint in a cost-effective way.

Outdoor open spaces, office buildings, production halls, parking garages or logistics properties – each location offers different requirements for a solar system. Having completed numerous solar park installation projects Gridinta specialists will analyze the aimed outcome of the project and develop an optimal solution for a successful commissioning of the system.


  • Installation and mounting of solar panels and inverters
  • Installation and connection of cable lines and switch-gear panels
  • Inspection and commissioning
  • Maintenance and repair