Wind parks

Gridinta can provide specialists to perform work of any complexity, on both onshore and offshore wind farms. All technicians have permissions and International certificates for rope access work.

The scope of works our rope access technicians have performed on various wind parks:

  • Vortex replacement works on turbines (SN129)
  • SN154 Equipotential Bonding – exchange of screws on all blades and reactive repair of loose or movable bonding rails according to repair instruction
  • LPS Measurement & Blade Interior Inspection, checking the lightning protection system of rotor blades
  • Visual inspection of rotor blades, an inspection of root flange laminate cracks


Rigging and assembly works

Rigging works carried out by rope access technicians include a wide range of technological operations necessary for the transfer of heavy and large sized objects. Unlike standard loading and unloading operations, rigging works are not possible without using special devices and mechanisms intended for safe transfer of various cargo.

Operations related to assembly / disassembly of various types of nodes, mechanisms and elements of structures are carried out using rope access method. During these works, special attention is paid to complying with all the necessary safety requirements.


Surface treatment

The specialists of Gridinta have extensive experience in working with various anti-corrosion systems, used for protecting both metallic and composite surfaces.

Depending on the requirements provided by the painting specifications, the following works are performed:

  • High pressure washing
  • Mechanical cleaning
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Sandblasting
  • Painting by all types of paint and varnish materials (including sleet proof and hot-lay materials):
  • Metallization
  • Paintwork with fire retardant paints

 Inspection of electric equipment

Apart from the main specialty, the electric technology personnel of Gridinta is trained to perform works by rope access method, which enables them to inspect and maintain the entire electrical part of the wind parks in the shortest time possible. This includes blade interior inspection and LPS measurement.

Inspection works performed:

  • Diagnostics of vibration sensors
  • Diagnostics of lightning protection system
  • Diagnostics of inverter and transformer cooling systems
  • Weather stations monitoring
  • Elevators monitoring
  • Monitoring of control and power cable routes between gondola and inverter/transformer
  • Monitoring of ventilation systems
  • Monitoring of power cable connections
  • Measuring the network parameters of the output voltage.
  • Functional circuit breaker’s verification
  • Installation of cable connections on bus rings


Maintenance of electric equipment

Performing maintenance/adjustment of:

  • Main bearings’ sensors
  • Diagnostics and calibration of rotor rotation speed meter
  • Magnetic meter of the high speed rotor shaft
  • Replacing wear scanners
  • Installation/replacement of XY slope sensors
  • Programming smooth activation devices
  • Generators’ alignment
  • Power and switch boards
  • End switches
  • GPS and navigation lighting system
  • Telephone communication
  • Lighting systems inside the tower and the hub of emergency lighting systems.


Wind generator inspection

Preoperational and regular operational inspection of wind generator elements includes a complex of operations. Using a system of different inspection methods and analysis ensures the earliest possible detection of any departure from the norm and different defects. This allows avoiding potential damage and shortening the idle time of the wind power turbine.

Inspection methods:

  • Visual testing (VT) including visual inspection of rotor blades
  • Dye penetrant testing (PT)
  • Ultrasonic testing:
    Manual UT and UTM method
    Automatic P-scan and T-scan method
  • Thermovision


Inspection / repair of rotor blades / towers

Gridinta provides inspection and repair services for rotor blades and wind towers. Our specialists have developed a technology for the application of the thermovision method for detecting defects in the structure of wind turbine blades. Technicians compile inspection protocol depending on the scope and complexity of the object.

The report includes:

  • Schematic drawing of the blade with the location of detected defects specified
  • Detailed description of individual defects with the dimensions (level) of faults specified
  • Detailed description of the types of faults and the nature of detected defects
  • Photo and video material
  • Analysis of defects and recommendations for their elimination

Gridinta provides rotor blade repair and other services for wind towers

By analyzing the results of the blade inspection report, the specialists of our company prepare recommendations and develop a technology for the repair of the detected defects. When developing the repair technology, account must be given to the kind and nature of the faults as well as the acceptability of the defects.

Blade repair is carried out by the specialists who have completed special training for working with composite materials (fiberglass and epoxy resin). To accelerate the repair process as well as to achieve the maximum quality of the blade repair, the UV curing system is applied. After completing repair works for the structure, its paint coat is necessarily restored.


 Repair / replacement of steel structures

Complex technical maintenance teams for wind parks must include specialists in the area of repairing wind power generators’ secondary metal structures.

We perform various repair and replacement works designed for the wind parks.

Some of them are:

  • Replacement of broken jetting pipes and deep well pumps.
  • Positioning of jetting lines
  • Replacement of pipe supports
  • Steel renewal of platform legs
  • Repair of lower guides, mounting bottom guides of platform legs
  • Corrosion protection of steel structures

Our specialists are experts in various welding processes:

136 – semiautomatic welding using flux-cored wire & active gas
135 – semiautomatic welding using stranded wire and active gas
138/136 – series welding with reverse formation performed by the combined method
111 – manual electrode arc welding
141 – tungsten inert gas welding (argon)

Rope access

Gridinta  a full member of IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association).

Our rope access technicians have various industrial professions, such as:

  • steel fitter
  • welder
  • sandblaster
  • painter
  • electrician
  • fitter
  • mechanic
  • rigger
  • NDT operator and others

Gridinta can provide specialists to perform work of any complexity, on both onshore and offshore wind farms. All technicians have permissions and International certificates for rope access work.

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