Works with rope access

Other works at height

There is a large number of various specific works which are beyond the scope of the previously described operations or are difficult to classify as they are non-standard (one-time) according to their specifics.

Projects requiring industrial climbing and rope access methodology may vary, yet the technical know-how acquired over the years, set of safety regulations and quality control standards allow Gridinta experts to develop state-of-the-art solutions for a range of specific projects. Often, due to the limited and difficult access, such works are impossible to carry out by usual industrial climbing methods or their execution requires high financial and labor costs. Due to these reasons, Gridinta rope access technicians get often engaged in carrying out one-time works at height. They are capable of executing works at height at minimum cost and within the shortest possible period of time.

  Our rope access technicians carry out works related to Rockfall protection / net installation:
Ground Support
Rockfall Drape Mesh
Active Slope Stabilisation
Rock Bolting
Design / Build