Works with rope access

Surface preparation and painting

Pre-painting, surface preparation for painting

Painting with a carefully prepared surface beforehand is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent corrosion, which makes it one of the major methods for extending the useful lifetime of costly buildings, structures and equipment.

If unprotected, a surface is exposed to corrosion when being in a harsh environment. The level and quality of pre-painting surface preparation is the main factor determining the protective value of the whole painting system. At Gridinta every painting project starts with an analysis and examination of the surface and its environment. After evaluating the contamination and other issues at play like the general area pollution, sodium concentration in the air and others, Gridinta specialists determine the type of cleaning method required for the project. This might include high pressure treatment, sanding and mechanical cleaning. Each defect is addressed by following a strict procedure set by international standards for surface preparation.

  Gridinta rope access technicians carry out all types of works related to surface cleaning, sanding and painting:
high pressure washing
mechanical cleaning
blast and sandblast cleaning
painting by applying fire-retardant paints
applying logos and distinctive marks

Painting work at various heights and structures

Painting works carried out at various heights like buildings, bridges, towers, offshore rigs and other structures requires a specific set of skills coupled with a strict work ethic dictated by safety and security standards.

Afterall, applying paint is complicated and possibly dangerous not only for the specialists at work, but also the public. Gridinta experts are fully trained and equipped with all the necessary tools that allows them to work according to the highest safety and quality standards.

  Gridinta specialists execute various painting works at even the most difficult to access areas:
Painting by applying fire-retardant pains
Painting by applying all types of paints
Roller painting

All of Gridinta industrial climbing specialists that work with painting projects have all the necessary skills to handle the different kinds of painting materials, tools and methodologies. This includes working with all types of paints: fire-retardant, waterproof to mention a few; applying different techniques and tools: plastering, roller painting, rendering and more. All in all, this combination of skills allows Gridinta specialists achieve quality finish for all types of painting projects.