Works with rope access

Welding and steel fitting works

Hull-welding works carried out by the rope access method belong to the category of the most complicated welding operations executed at height.

When carrying out hull-welding to a range of structures, silos, vessels and tanks at different height, special attention is given to health protection and safety requirements. Therefore, all hot works at height are performed, on a mandatory basis, with an additional safety line (soldered chain).

  Gridinta rope access technicians execute all types of hull welding works of any complexity level:
steel replacement and welding of small sections of steel structures and pipelines
welding operations for reinforcing load-bearing metal structures
repair of cracks and welding seams
installation and welding of various foundations, fasteners, brackets and cable runs
other types of hull-welding operations

All welding works at height are carried out by professional welders having extensive experience and holding all the necessary certificates, issued by various classification societies.

Our team performs welding services in support of metal fabrication and repairs. UAB Gridinta employees have carried out works in various European shipbuilding and ship repair yards, power plants, civil engineering sector and have numerous recommendation letters which proves quality of procedures 111, 121, 131, 135, 136, 138, 141 and others.

We offer installation services for any metal structures, including non-standard and heavy metal structures. Our specialists are able to provide any volume of installation works on the customer’s premises.